Strategic Partnership Between Norman Alex and Planet of Finance in the US and France

Norman Alex is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Planet of Finance for the US and French markets. We believe that the future of financial services will become increasingly impacted by technology, whether it’s internal IT systems, Fintech or external platforms. Planet of Finance is the largest online global community dedicated to the wealth management industry. Their membership represents over 1.200 companies in 61 countries who employ some 25.000 people and manage almost a trillion dollars of assets. Established in Switzerland in 2009, it has now raised capital to extend its footprint in new strategic markets such as the US and France.

Planet of Finance enables private banks, wealth management companies, family offices and other similar structures to communicate together on a common platform. They can share ideas, set up co-managed funds, discuss growth projects, share resources and use many other features to develop their activities domestically or internationally. All this information is shared on an anonymous basis initially with identities being disclosed only if a common interest is established. Furthermore, the platform offers them the opportunity to raise their brand profile and organise or attend many prestigious marketing events.

More recently the company has raised capital to attract private members who are high net worth individuals or investors looking to change their wealth manager or discover interesting business opportunities. This new B to C activity enables its corporate members to contact potential clients, propose interesting private equity or similar investments and also enables qualified members to organise club deals together. It should be noted that the credentials of both corporate and private members are validated by the company to ensure as far as possible that all parties are trustworthy. Even though this new function was only created a few weeks ago, $150m of new assets have already been acquired directly through the platform. Whilst the initial contact between wealth manager and private client or investor is established online, it’s obvious that any subsequent contacts are established offline as the company wishes to facilitate and not eliminate the human dimension.

By virtue of this partnership, Norman Alex is now able to help its clients develop their business with a digital solution in addition to the existing services of executive search, corporate development and business consulting.

If you’re interested to find out more about all the ways in which Planet of Finance can help you develop you business, please contact me by e-mail at