New healthcare department in the Miami office

Norman Alex is delighted to announce the appointment of Raydel Cornelio to set up a healthcare practice out of our Miami office. Healthcare is a several trillion dollar industry in the US with the country spending twice as much on health per capita than the average for developed countries. Yet life expectancy, infant mortality rates and treatable endemic diseases are significantly higher than in comparable markets. Legislative changes and political interference only add to the inefficiency.

For all these reasons we believe that the hiring of top talent is perhaps more essential to healthcare than any other sector. In addition to recruitment experience, Raydel has been acting as a consultant to healthcare and technology companies for many years. He is also therefore in a perfect position to work with other members of the team to help his clients improve operating efficiency, reduce costs and implement the most up-to-date technology. Finally, Norman Alex will also be offering corporate finance services to healthcare companies looking to increase their market share through external growth.