Our unique business proposition

There are many international recruitment groups, consulting firms and corporate finance boutiques. However Norman Alex is unique I believe in offering all three services as part of the same business proposition. Our clients are interested principally in finding ways to grow their company and increase profitability whilst at the same time hopefully doing their best to enhance the happiness of their employees.

The hiring of top talent is without doubt the most important key to the success of any company. Without the experts to develop new products, innovate, market, sell, distribute, control costs and perform all the functions necessary to the well-being of the corporate entity, no company can succeed. Yet the recruitment function is often underestimated and considered as a cost rather than the greatest potential creator of value. Maybe one day artifical intelligence will eliminate the need to hire experts but this day has not yet arrives and, if and when it does, experts in new skills will be needed to develop, manage and ultimately control this new “genie”.

However sometimes the best way of growing a company is through acquisitions, mergers or strategic partnerships. This is why Norman Alex also offers corporate development services within our specialized business pratcices (financial services, technology and healthcare). Because of our international network of offices and contacts, we can help clients realize their external growth projects locally, nationally or internationally.

Finally, our teams comprise many very experienced business leaders who have senior experience within their specialized sector, sometimes including the management of large entities. We are therefore also in a position to offer business advice, in particular to small and medium-sized companies looking to reach the next step of their development. We can help reduce costs, ensure compliance with all necessary legislation, suggest new vectors of growth, develop business plans for fundraising and be a trusted advisor to general management in so many other ways.

If you are looking to grow your business please contact us so we can tell you more about how our unique business proposition can help you.