Message of solidarity

Instead of our usual monthly newsletter, given the current situation we’d like to take the opportunity to underline our solidarity with all our clients, candidates and business partners. We are also thinking of everyone who has lost dear ones, whose health has suffered and who is working on the front line to combat the disease.

Stock markets have fallen sharply and many people are concerned about their jobs and the future of their companies. However, we would like to strike a more optimistic note without underestimating the situation. Many world leaders have rightfully compared the current crisis to a war. Indeed, it is a war against a virus, but let us not forget the situation faced by people during World Wars One and Two and more recent conflicts where millions have died and been maimed in the most horrific circumstances. I would like to refer you to an illuminating interview with CNN war correspondent Nick Paton-Walsh which helps put things in perspective:

The coronavirus pandemic will gradually be controlled, the world will slowly return to normal and stock markets will regain part of their losses (they were almost certainly overvalued anyway). And as we look back over this difficult period, some positive results may shine through the dark clouds. Planet Earth will have been given time to recover and perhaps lives will have actually been saved by the decrease in pollution in certain countries. Maybe animals will be treated with more humanity and an appreciation of the fact that they are also sentient beings. Executives may realise that business can be conducted just as efficiently via Skype or WhatsApp as in interminable face to face meetings. Companies may finally decentralise their activities more and enable a larger proportion of their employees to work remotely.

Our company remains open with the team working remotely to continue our activities as much as we can. We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy and look forward to continuing to work with you!