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Originally from New York City, Michael was an undergraduate at the City College of New York. He has obtained several securities, insurance and real estate licenses, including the Wealth Management Specialist designation. He is married and the devoted father of four beautiful children but still finds time for cycling, basketball and working out at the gym. He has been a guest speaker/lecturer at many business forums locally and abroad.

Michael served the Wall Street investment banking community for many years in an executive search capacity, placing top-tier network engineers to design and support local and international wide-area network connectivity on the trading floors for many of New York’s top firms. He serviced his clients both locally, in Europe and throughout Latin America.

As his portfolio of clients and expertise grew, he moved to a leading search firm where he worked on exclusive searches with some of the world’s most demanding and rewarding clients. After the technology meltdown of 2001, Michael moved into the wealth management sector as an advisor with Raymond James. His expertise in trust and estate planning provided his clients with maximum diversification and risk management for both their individual and corporate assets.

From 2005, Michael worked in real estate development for several years before joining Providence Companies where he worked in the US and London in various functions from early stage capital raising to recruitment in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Michael is now a partner in our Financial Services department. Based in Miami and covering the US and Latin America, he recruits senior executives for private banks, asset managers, private equity firms, corporate finance boutiques, family office and fintech companies.

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