The Human Dimension

Everybody accepts that the most valuable asset of a company, its people, does not appear in the balance sheet and takes the lift out of the office every evening. However many companies invest more in installing and maintaining their lifts than in recruiting and training their personnel. They worry more about shareholder value and short-term profits than about developing the skills and well-being of their employees.

At Norman Alex, we cannot help you service your lifts but we can certainly help you recruit the best people or make the shrewdest external growth choices to develop your business. We realise that if a company does not have the right people and if these people are not committed, operating efficiency and profitability will be diminished greatly. In today’s society, a company which does not take into account the human dimension will almost certainly lose shareholder value in the medium-term.

And if people are the most important asset in your company, recruitment must be the most important function and treated as an investment rather than a cost. It should be performed by experts who can offer you valuable advice as well as identifying the best people quickly and proactively.