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Sebastien is a seasoned executive professional with over 30 years of experience across various sectors including investment management, investment banking, and private assets fundraising within prominent financial institutions. Given the breadth of his background and diverse advising endeavors, Sebastien maintains a global and multifaceted client base. He is an alumnus of Sciences-Po Paris and holds a Master's degree in Finance from Paris X University.

In addition to his role as Senior Advisor at Norman Alex, Sebastien co-founded Molitor Partners, a firm specializing in private placement and capital raising for Alternatives, Real Estate, and Private Assets. Through this venture, he has forged robust relationships with leading global investment management firms. His prior positions include serving as Head of Business Development at Natixis Investment Managers and Société Générale.

Sebastien's expertise in executive search primarily centers on front-office activities within Investment Management, encompassing sales, investment, marketing, communication, and digital realms, as well as Private and Investment Banking.

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