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Family Offices

The concept of a family office emerged in the United States in the second half of the 19th century. Families such as the Rockefellers established ad hoc structures on their behalf in order to control certain aspects of the management of their assets themselves. Thus were born the first “Single Family Offices (SFO)”, structures wholly owned by a family, mainly directed by one or more of their members and assigned to a range of tasks to manage the family fortune. It’s estimated that there are up to 10.000 SFOs worldwide managing over $200 trillion with almost half in the US. The majority have been established in the last 20 years and represent the first or second generation of the family.

At Norman Alex, we have developed an expertise over the last 20 years in helping our SFO clients identify talent adapted to the DNA of each family and sometimes each generation in terms of both technical and personal skills. Our international coverage and cross-border capabilities enable us to search for the right person across the globe whether the position be at C-level or for specialised functions such as estate planning, investment management, financial control or specific family office services (philanthropy, family governance, intergenerational wealth transfer…).

From well-established multi-generation SFOs to the most recent ones established by successful tech entrepreneurs, we have a proven track record in recruitment, best practices, salary guidance and related matters.

For more information, please contact our Family Office expert Jérôme Jouanneau-Courville at

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