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“It’s easy to say that entrepreneurs will create jobs and big companies will create unemployment, but this is simplistic. The real question is who will innovate.” 

Guy Kawasaki

The Industry department of Norman Alex recruits for all executive or middle management positions for clients in a variety of sectors outside financial services and technology. Whether you’re a leading multinational group, a medium-sized family company or a start-up, we can help you grow your business locally, nationally or internationally.

Here are just a few examples of positions which we have recruited for recently:

  • Chief Executive Officer of a Swiss pharmaceutical company

  • Chief Operating Officer for a medical start-up in Florida

  • Finance Director for an oil & gas company in the UAE

  • Tax Manager for a large French audit group

  • Finance Director for the subsidiary of a large German industrial group

  • Human Resources Director for a shipping company in London

  • Partner in a New York law firm

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