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Interim Management

For the last 25 years, Norman Alex has helped clients develop their activities through strategic recruitment and identifying external growth opportunities. We have a successful track record of placing over 2000 executives in 17 countries through our network of 8 offices.

In a constantly changing world, where business leaders have to confront unforeseeable circumstances, and organisations must remain adaptable and nimble to ensure their survival, there are sometimes needs to recruit senior talent on a temporary or project basis. For this reason, Norman Alex has established an Interim Management department.

When is the right time to bring in an interim manager?

An interim manager is a good choice when you need to make a quick and significant change within your organisation or restructure the organisation itself. They can help you scale up quickly and put in place effective methods to handle the new processes.

Furthermore, consider a digitalisation project for instance which demands a substantial amount of expertise for a specific timeframe, an interim manager can offer a balanced solution, blending technical skills, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

During periods of business expansion or contraction, having a manager who can make rational decisions without emotional constraints becomes vital. They can guide the organization through challenging times, reassuring both shareholders and team members.

Another common scenario arises when a director unexpectedly departs. Even if a well-prepared succession plan is in place, it might not be the ideal moment for internal promotion. Indeed, it could present an opportunity to introduce fresh perspectives. Additionally, external executive hires typically take several months and an interim director can be recruited quickly until the permanent hire comes on board.

Interim managers also serve as a bridge during temporary vacancies, such as maternity/paternity leave, extended sick leave or sabbaticals. Their flexibility ensures the continued operational efficiency of the business in such situations.

What is an interim manager and what value do they bring?

An interim manager is a seasoned expert in their field, usually boasting over twenty years of experience. They are accustomed to stepping into new environments for a predetermined period. Their approach is focused on achieving tangible results and swiftly resolving issues, often identifying quick wins.

An interim manager also possesses a genuine passion for working with people. They excel in motivating and empowering team members, fostering cohesion within teams and establishing a solid presence within the organisation.

Furthermore, a professional interim manager remains impartial, free from involvement in political manoeuvring or adherence to entrenched customs and traditions. This impartiality allows them to navigate transitions without constraints.

In summary, an interim manager offers a potent blend of technical expertise, managerial acumen, effective communication, political neutrality and resilience in the face of stress.

For more information about our Interim Management department, please contact François Carloni at

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